With immigrants here to stay, it’s time to strengthen educational institutions

In some of schools, nothing less than 96 languages are spoken 2nd February 2011: With immigrants continuing to contribute to the country’s economy, the need for further strengthening the educational institutions is now being felt. This is particularly true as in some of the schools nothing less than 96 languages are spoken.
The need is being felt as, according to Senior Conservative MP Stewart Jackson from Peterborough constituency, schools in the city, where 96 languages are spoken, ranked sixth from the bottom in league tables for tests at age 11.

Jackson is using the statistics to launch an attack on immigrants. He asserted even though the Coalition initiated the move to introduce a cap for non-European migrants, it had no real solution or plan to deal with enormous numbers arriving from within EU borders.

He added children in his Peterborough constituency had danger of becoming sufferers of the terrible legacy of Labour’s trial with uncontrolled immigration.
He added nearly a third of those at primary schools and a fifth at secondary were not speaking English as their first language.
He said over a million EU residents came to the UK despite forecasts that it would be fewer than 20,000. He expressed this on the Conservative Home website. He added this drove down wages and helped establish a culture of advantage dependency.  


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