Woolas agrees to scheme for bringing skilled workers to Scotland

Changes to be brought about in home office’s website to promote Scotland

10th November 2009:
Immigration and Border Minister Phil Woolas is said to have agreed to a scheme to bring skilled workers to Scotland.

Indications are that the minister has also agreed to bring about changes in the UK Border Agency’s website to promote Scotland. Besides this, efforts will also be made at helping Scottish businesses to make representations to the Migration Advisory Committee on where they are experiencing skills shortages. The assertions came during the meeting between Woolas and Scottish external affairs minister Mike Russell.

Commenting on the latest developments, Russell claimed the meeting had been a success, despite Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s opposition. Johnson has already turned down a proposal for more flexible Scots immigration policy.

The meeting in London was held over the issue of handing over additional powers to Scotland on immigration. It is believed Russell was hoping to secure concessions to recognise specific demographic problems north of the Border, particularly with an ageing population.

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