Woolas wants skilled immigrants to spend more time back home

He says this may help stop foreign brain drain

8th July 2009: Immigration Minister Phil Woolas wants skilled immigrants from developing countries to spend more time back home to serve their home countries.

Mr. Woolas says they should be encouraged to spend more time in their home nations, so as to stop Britain from draining away the top workers from the developing countries.

Mr. Woolas told centre-left think tank Policy Network the toll placed on third world countries when workers, such as doctors, move to Britain could not be morally justified. This was because Britain was taking their skills away.

Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke said the Government’s approach to issues using slogans such as "British jobs for British people", was "very dangerous" and the policymakers must be "absolutely uncompromising" in fighting racism.

Mr. Woolas’ assertion comes at a time when the British Medical Association (BMA) has warned that the recent changes in immigration rules can lead to serious shortage of doctors and add pressure on the existing staff. The BMA, only recently, had expressed apprehension the UK may further lose doctors due to recent changes to the system.

The NHS is already facing understaffed workforce rotas in a range of medical specialties; a problem which the Department of Health has acknowledged was caused, in part, by previous changes to the immigration system.
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