Work or leave: UK tells homeless migrants

Legally speaking, immigrants not working for 3 months can be evicted

homeless.png07 April 2010: It’s getting tougher by the day for the homeless migrants. They are being asked to find jobs or leave.

Under the law, any immigrants not working for the past three months can be evicted from a host country.

The assertion follows UK Border Agency’s decision to launch a tough crackdown on a growing numbers of East Europeans found sleeping rough.

In fact, the UKBA has embarked upon a pilot scheme for the purpose. As a part of the stepped up drive, the UKBA staff is targeting the city of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, facing problems with homeless migrants.

As of now, the officers from the city council, the police and UKBA have issued warnings to as many as 27 migrants living in a local nature reserve.

The `problems’ being faced by Peterborough were only recently underscored by a resident, Ian Treasure. He had alleged an immigrant from the Czech Republic had been living in his shed since last November.  But, the police were powerless to remove the trespasser from his or others neighbours’ gardens without direct confrontation.

Reacting to the developments on the crackdown, Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch said it was high time the matter was dealt with effectively.

The sooner these people are either employed or returned home, the better, he asserted
Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said people have to be working, studying or self-sufficient; and if they are not they were expected to return home.

Migrants from EU countries can travel freely in the EU and live in the UK for up to three months with no questions asked if they have the funds.

After that they were only entitled to stay, if they were working, were registered students or were self-supporting.

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