Zooming in on immigrants’ plight

Shooting begins on 8 immigrant students juggling between bills, studies

11th August 2010: You will soon see on the screen the struggles faced by Britain’s immigrants. For shooting has begun on a film set in Brent and Harrow with a view to bring to the fore how the immigrants make efforts to make both ends meet.

London Life is all about eight immigrant students finding their way in Britain, coping up with studies with paying bills, while making a home for themselves.

London Life is scheduled to be completed before the year end. Some of the vital scenes are being shot on the streets of Harrow and Wembley. Otherwise, the film is being shot entirely in North West London.

The producer of the Kaybee Productions film, Renu Patel, says the intention is to project the other side of north west London, where some immigrants in this country legally are struggling to make ends meet.

Patel says some people come here with a lot of hopes and aspirations, but don’t realise the struggles they are going to face.

Describing it as a study, she says it has been taken from real life and from the experiences of people she knows personally.

People don’t necessarily understand there is poverty for people who have come here legally. The issue being raised is why given them visas and not a chance to look after themselves?’”.

Patel says it is set in North West London, but the message it is sending out should be universal, adding they were aiming for an international audience, and were not saying it was just for Asians.

This applies to any foreigner going into any country anywhere in the world. There are similar challenges they would face and people should be aware of this.

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