November Immigration Changes


There are many changes affecting International Students studying or wishing to study in the UK.

If you are applying under a Tier 4 (student visa) this November you will need to show you have enough fees to support your cost of living (maintenance fund). The maintenance fund requirement has increased. If you make your Tier 4 application on or after 12 November 2015 for a course of over nine months, the amount you need to show will be at least £11,385 if you are studying in London and £9,135 if you are studying elsewhere in the UK. For shorter courses, the amount to show will have to be £1,265 a month if studying at a London-based institution and £1,015 a month for institutions outside London.

This needs to be a cash deposit as overdraft facilities will not be accepted

The level of funds for dependants will also increase to £845 per month if in London and £680 per month elsewhere in the UK for up to a maximum of nine months.

These rules will apply to international students extending their stay or those coming for the first time.

Study visas at the Further Education level will be cut from three years to two and you will have to apply from outside the UK to make an extension or to apply for a work visa.

Shortage Occupation List

Four jobs in the digital technology sector (product manager, data scientist, senior developer and cyber security specialist) are being added to the Shortage Occupation List (SOL), alongside nursing.

English Language Requirements

With regards to Indefinite Leave and Naturalisation applicants, English language requirements will have to match those of other types of immigration applications. This means applicants will need to take tougher UK immigration English language tests called Secure English Language Tests and other English language qualifications will not be accepted. This will affect applications made on or after 19th November 2015.

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