10-week food wait for Somali children reaching world’s largest refugee camp

Wait because of red tape in Kenyan government.

3rd August 2011: It may send shock waves, but Somali children finding their way to the world’s largest refugee camp are being compelled to wait up for nothing less than 10 weeks for their food rations — all because of red tape in the Kenyan government.
Set up to accommodate nearly 90,000 people, the world’s largest refugee camp Dadaab already has more than 390,000 people.

The affect is there for all to see. The staff with Medecins Sans Frontieres have claimed that in a growing numbers of cases, the children’s health is getting g worse after they reach Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp.

MSF’s international president Unni Karunakara said the nutritional status of refugees is deteriorating even after arrival at the camps due to bureaucratic delays in registration.

Karunakara said Somalis arriving to Dadaab are ineligible for full food packages until Kenya’s  government officially recognised them as refugees. The entire process was taking "eight to 10 weeks".

They are provided with 21 days of emergency food, and can apply only for another 15 days of supplies from the UN’s World Food Programme. It still leaves them short by about five weeks.

Karunakara said this was a critical point in which health status can deteriorate. These are unacceptable delays

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