8,000 failed asylum seekers monthly get permission to stay in UK

BNP says even if current influx is halted, Government would face lawsuits

14th October 2010: As many as 8,000 failed ‘asylum seekers’ are granted permission to stay in Britain every month.

Referring to a Home Office report, the BNP said special rules had so far allowed more than 135,000 failed ‘asylum seekers’ to take up residence in Britain.

The BNP said: Now, so many legal precedents have been set that even if the current influx was halted, the Government would face an avalanche of lawsuits based on the currently existing “Human Rights Act” and other legal devices.

The special measures included rushing through thousands of cases without proper checks on applicants’ stories, with a decision being made purely on the basis of written statements without any corroborating facts.

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