A mother of a 3-yr-old, facing deportation, stabs herself

Incident brings to fore need for counseling failed asylum seekers

24th August 2011: The need for counseling the failed asylum seekers was once again felt after Sri Lankan mother stabbed herself with a knife as the UK Border Agency staff reached her doorstep.

In her mid-40s, the woman, having a three-year-old child, from Walton inflicted injuries upon herself in front of the three uniformed officers. She has now been discharged from the hospital and reunited with her child following a psychiatric assessment.

Her missing husband is believed to be wanted by the Sri Lankan authorities on allegations of smuggling arms for the Tamil Tigers rebels.

It is also believed a warrant for her arrest has also been issued after weapons were found in their house after her husband’s disappearance.

She fled to Britain in 2009 only to find her claims for asylum being turned down. In fact, three subsequent appeals have met the same fate.

A friend, taking care of the child after she was rushed to a hospital with shoulder wounds, claimed her departure arrangements were to be issued by the UKBA.

She thought the officers were going to take her away; and was so frightened by what she saw that she did not wait for explanation. She rather bolted for the kitchen where she harmed herself with a kitchen knife, the friend claimed.

The friend asserted she was not an expert on Sri Lankan politics, but from what she read and heard, there does seem to be a threat to her safety.

The officers, on the other hand, were said to “alarmed” and “surprised” by her behaviour.

The visit had been arranged in advance and there no was reason to suggest the woman would attempt to harm herself, it was stated

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