Asylum cases decision up 38 per cent

Grant rate falls to 12 per cent

27th November 2009: Just over two months after the UK Government claimed pending cases of asylum seekers would be cleared by 2011; official figures show decisions on asylum cases have risen 38 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2008.

The Office for National Statistics figures also reveal the grant rate for asylum has fallen to 12 per cent. Available information also suggest in December 2008 the UK Border Agency met it’s target of concluding 60 per cent of new asylum cases within six months.

The statistics also reveal the applications for asylum have dropped to 5,055 for the third quarter of 2009 – a 24 per cent reduction compared to the same quarter in 2008.

Immigration statistics, covering quarter three of 2009, were released by the Home Office The statistics covers asylum applications, total removals for those illegally in the United Kingdom and migration from Eastern Europe for the period July to September of this year.

The Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has all along been asserting the guidelines have been updated to provide case workers with a simple framework to judge cases, and to avoid long drawn out court battles.

Only recently, Woolas added no lawbreaker would be allowed to say, and each case would be decided on its individual merits.

‘The UK Border Agency continues to ramp up performance and is concluding several thousand cases a month.

‘Less than 40 per cent of cases are being granted and I am confident that we will clear all of these cases by 2011,’ Woolas had added

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