Asylum pleas in UK down 29 per cent

Two-third of fall attributed to drop in pleas from Zimbabwe

27th August 2010
: The latest available figures for 2010, giving details of population movements in the second quarter of the year, show the number of applications to the UK for asylum in this period was 29 per cent down compared to same quarter previous year. The figure excludes dependants.

Two-third of the fall was attributed to a drop in applications from Zimbabwe from 1,560 to as less as 405.

The figures also reveal in 2009 as a whole, asylum applications, excluding dependants, registered a 6 per cent dip from 2008 levels.

The Home Office said in the second quarter of this year as many as 14,130 people were removed from the UK or left voluntarily. It was 14 per cent fewer compared to corresponding quarter the previous year. In 2009, the figure was 16,345.

Refugee Council chief executive Donna Covey said the figures show almost a third of appeals were still being allowed. This provided a testimony to the effect that a significant proportion of initial asylum claims were being wrongly refused.

She said the detention figures too were also cause of concern. Up to 40 per cent of the people detained were later released back into their community. It went a long way to show that detaining them was unnecessary in the first place.

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