Asylum seekers in UK can look forward to adequate help despite cuts

Refugee Council manages to raise £240,000, with help of 1000 supporters 8th August 2011: Refugees and asylum seekers in the UK can look forward to adequate and timely help, despite the cuts to statutory funding.
For the Refugee Council have managed to raise a staggering £240,000, with the help of over 1000 generous supporters up and down the country.

The Council said: After such a turbulent few months, the Refugee Council can look forward again with new hope and a determination to continue its vital work with asylum seekers and refugees.     

Half of this amount was generously contributed by the GLC Charitable Trust. They agreed an 100 per cent match, if the Refugee Council managed to reach a fundraising target of £120,000       

The Refugee Council said: “In the wake of 62 per cent cuts to our statutory funding it is hugely encouraging to witness our friends and supporters clearly demonstrating their belief in our work.       

“The appeal was anchored by an event held on July 21st at which Jemima Khan joined our own CEO Donna Covey and Yeukai Taruvinga to speak out in support of the Refugee Council’s work and to celebrate 60 years since the signing of the UN Refugee Convention for Refugees.        

“The event generated several major donations and was featured on a range of news websites. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown also published a comment piece in the Independent which included a very emotive call to arms and attracted several new donors to the cause.
You can read the full article here.       

“During the appeal we also utilised the social networks of Twitter and Facebook to keep our supporters updated on the success of the Match Fund Challenge. Several new donors reported these sites as the prompt for their donations.       

“From our loyal donors to our new supporters we would like to express our sincere thanks to everybody who made this appeal such an enormous success       

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