Asylum seekers’ pending cases to be cleared by 2011: Woolas

No amnesty, says the Border and Immigration Minister 

12th October 2009: The UK Government has claimed that pending cases of asylum seekers will be cleared by 2011; and “several thousand cases” were being concluded every month. The Government has also made clear its stand that there was amnesty for illegal immigrants in the UK

The assertion came by Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, while responding to claims in the media that up to 40,000 asylum seekers will be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom because it would be too difficult to return them to their home countries.
Woolas said: ‘There is no amnesty. Our guidelines were updated to provide case workers with a simple framework to judge cases, and to avoid long drawn out court battles.

‘No lawbreaker will be allowed to say, and each case is still decided on its individual merits.
‘The UK Border Agency continues to ramp up performance and is concluding several thousand cases a month.

‘Less than 40 per cent of cases are being granted and I am confident that we will clear all of these cases by 2011.’
Woolas has already asserted that an amnesty would be unfair to those who are here legally; it would act as a pull factor for even more attempts at illegal immigration; and it would counter the achievements by the UK Border Agency to toughen up our border and immigration system.


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