Birmingham has little for its migrants

Anti-immigrant sentiments on a rise
21st December 2010: Young women dodging freezing cold by sleeping in stairwells of flats or in public parks; asylum seeker women being exploited by men; and apprehensions of safety among men sleeping in the open; are some of the harsh realities CNN found about the lives of asylum seekers in Birmingham.
In its report, `Birmingham’s makeover fails to reach migrant neighborhoods’, Peter Wilkinson, CNN, says he was sent me to Birmingham to meet some of the vulnerable people living without money, shelter or support.

Wilkinson says he came away shocked to see young women sleeping in stairwells of blocks of flats or in public parks, especially in freezing conditions. A Zimbabwean asylum seeker he met in Birmingham said she was being exploited by men with whom she was forced to live.

A young Somalian man said he had to sleep in a park, but feared for his safety. Talking to the locals made it clear to the CNN that there was much hostility towards incomers, and little sympathy for asylum seekers in city of immigrants.

The report goes on to say anti-immigrant sentiments are growing, as austerity measures bite across the rest of Europe; and the tensions show no sign of easing with Europe facing greater pressures from both inside and outside its borders to take more immigrants

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