Britain could find itself accepting more asylum seekers

On cards “Common European Asylum System” 2nd December 2010: Britain could find itself accepting thousands more asylum seekers.
In fact, proposals being talked about in Brussels consist of moves by the European Commission to establish a “Common European Asylum System”.

Once it comes into existence, Britain could be compelled to agree to a new quota of asylum seekers.

Interpreting the developments, a report indicates European Union bureaucrats are gearing up to take control over Britain’s immigration and criminal justice systems.

The report marks the first anniversary of EU Lisbon Treaty. On the basis of the report, the experts claim democratic control over policing, law courts and other home affairs could very well go to Brussels; and it could mean Britain being compelled to accept thousands more asylum seekers.

According to the report by the Eurosceptic think-tank Open Europe, the ministers have failed to put their foot down to EU attempts to get in the way of border controls and law and order.
Conservative MP for Shipley-cum-member of the Better Off Out group in Parliament
Philip Davies said any attempt to tackle immigration and asylum or maintain the independence of justice system was spitting in the wind, while Britain remains a member of the EU.

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