Calais refugees attempt to sneak across the Channel to Britain

Several other Britain-bound migrants crouching in empty council houses

29th July 2009: While 2,000 refugees living life rough in the Calais area are carrying out daily attempts to sneak across the Channel to Britain, a large number of other Britain-bound migrants are now crouching in empty council houses.

As of now up to 50 a week are believed to be successfully reaching the Kent coast.

In an attempt to escape filthy camp “the Jungle” before it is razed to the ground in accordance with the French government plans, they are fleeing the town near Calais; and are living along with the Calais residents. The migrants believe their new quarters with illegal water and power connections are a ‘luxury’ compared to living outdoor.

Calais officials admit the migrants have occupied about 20 council homes. A town hall spokesman says eviction will not be easy as they include women and children.

The action has, however, not gone down well with the residents. A spokesman for the residents’ association Philippe Bouvard said several families in Calais were furious that homes meant for French families were with the migrants.

The residents believe there was no point pulling down the Jungle camp, if the government was simply going allow them to wander and take advantage of public housing.

They should be made to board the buses and taken away from the town to secure detention centres, they have demanded.

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