Ethiopian asylum seeker on the run, for a cause

Hanes Abdulkadir aising funds for Boaz Trust

12th May 2010:
Hanes Abdulkadir is running for a cause.

An Ethiopian asylum seeker, Hanes will complete the Great Manchester Run on Sunday, 16 May 2010, to raise funds for the Boaz Trust — the charity which took him off the streets and saved his life.

Hanes hopes the money he raises will save the lives of asylum seekers like him. A political activist, he was detained and tortured by the police because of his campaigning two years after his father was imprisoned and killed by the ruling party.

Apprehending danger to his life, Hanes fled and is seeking asylum in the UK. But, like two-thirds of asylum seekers, he was refused sanctuary and was asked to return. He was left destitute with no right to work or claim benefits, before he was brought in contact with the Boaz Trust.

A Manchester-based charity, it gave him a haven, food and helped him to access healthcare facilities.

Last year, Hanes was detained by the Home Office. He was to deport him, but his home country refused to take him. He was released two months later. Still without support, Hanes turned to the Boaz Trust.

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