EU Commission for legal entry of more refugees

In favour of member states sharing the burden of the arrival of refugees

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1st September 2009
: The EU Commission is in favour of allowing more refugees to enter the legally, and wants common rules on immigration to fight illegal immigration into the European Union.
The Commission believes illegal entry would turn less lucrative by making the system more transparent and increasing the number of people EU states would be prepared to take.
It is believed the EU’s executive arm is further in favour of member states sharing the burden of the arrival of African and other refugees, which is reported to be heaviest on southern countries, including Italy, Malta and
In Italy alone, thousands of migrants land each year after traveling across the Mediterranean from Africa. Interior ministry estimates suggest approximately 36,900 illegal immigrants arrived in Italy by boat last year. The rise was of 75 per cent compared to 2007.
The scheme, expected to be made public on Wednesday, is aimed at discourage people, mainly Africans, from making attempts to reach Europe on makeshift boats or hidden in lorries with the aid of human traffickers.
The development is significant as the EU only recently had taken cognizance to Italy’s appeal for greater coordinated action and had made it clear it would come out with fresh immigration policy proposals by October end.
Announcing this during a conference at Italy’s seaside town of Rimini, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt had asserted the European Commission would issue a policy draft in time for EU foreign ministers meeting scheduled to be held at October end. This would be the first step as the enormous problem could not be solved in a single meeting, he had asserted.
Earlier, Italy’s foreign minister had asserted the EU had come out with several statements, but had not asserted just what should happen when a group of migrants reached the borders of Europe.
The draft said the principal objective of joint EU action on resettlement should be to demonstrate greater solidarity to third countries in receiving refugees, to involve more member states in resettlement activities and to provide for an orderly and secure access to protection for those resettled.

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