European day of action to demand safe passsage for refugees

European March for Refugee Rights

A day of action in solidarity with the rights of refugees will be held in cities across Europe on 27th February 2016.

The UK supporting action for the European March for Refugee Rights is being organized by Syria Solidarity Campaign; Solidarity with Refugees; London2Calais; Migrants’ Rights Network; SOAS Solidarity with Refugees & Displaced People Soc; and Wonder Foundation.

European March for Refugee RightsThe organisers are urging the European authorities and governments take action to open secure safe passage routes for all those who seek protection.

“These people are running away from war, persecution and starvation,” the organisers say. “But Europe is looking the other way – a death count in the Mediterranean Sea of 360 men, women and children in January 2016 and appalling conditions in refugee camps like Calais and Dunkirk speak for themselves.”

“We know Europe can do better, and we demand that our leaders do better,” they add.

Click here for further information about the European March for Refugee Rights.

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