European Parliament calls for a centralised EU asylum system

Kashetu Kyenge

European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for a centralised asylum system to allow the EU better manage flows of migrants and asylum seekers.

MEP Kashetu Kyenge
MEP Kashetu Kyenge

The non-binding resolution also calls for safe and legal ways to be found for third country nationals to enter the Union without resorting to human smugglers at the risk of their lives.

The resolution, drafted by Roberta Metsola and Kashetu Kyenge, was approved by 459 votes to 206, with 52 abstentions.

In the resolution Members of European Parliament (MEPs) acknowledge the failure of the EU asylum system to cope with ever-rising numbers of migrant arrivals and call for a radical overhaul of the so-called Dublin rules.

They propose establishing a central system for collecting and allocating asylum applications. The scheme, which could include a quota for each EU Member State, would work on the basis of “hotspots” from which refugees would be distributed.

The Parliament urges Member States to fulfil their obligations with regard to urgent relocation measures, stressing that so far, only a minimal part of the 106,000 asylum seekers awaiting reassignment from Italy and Greece to other EU countries had actually been relocated.

On resettlement, MEPs insist that the EU needs a “binding and mandatory legislative approach”.

The resolution also calls for a new EU-wide “readmission” (return) agreements which the MEPs say should take precedence over bilateral ones between Member States and third countries. They insist that migrants should be returned only if the country to which they are being returned to is safe for them.

“There is no quick fix for migration, no magic silver bullet. We do not need more emergency solutions, we need a sustainable approach for the future,” Ms Metsola says.

On her part, Ms Kyenge says “Migration should not be combatted, it should be managed”. She insists that the European approach should be based on solidarity and responsibility sharing.

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