Expert advice for refugees participating in `Work Programme’

Refugee Council advised them to `ensure their needs are being met’ 20th June 2011: Refugees taking part in the government’s `Work Programme’ can look forward to some expert advise from the refugee Council `to ensure their needs are being met’.
The Council says the `Work Programme’ is the government’s key approach to getting people into jobs.

The Council asserts: `We feel compelled to offer our expertise and advice to refugees taking part in the programme to ensure their needs are being met’.

`We know how important employment is to our refugee clients, not only to help with their integration but so that they can support themselves and contribute to society.

`We want the Refugee Council’s involvement to consist of providing specialist one-off services to support refugees involved in the Work Programme.

`Our involvement should also enable us to influence the main contractors running the programme by increasing their understanding of who refugees are and their rights to employment.

`We will also continue to lobby for changes that will ensure the Work Programme properly addresses the challenges faced by refugees in accessing work.

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