Failed asylum seeker sues UKBA for not letting him return home

Ali wanted a safe passage home. But, found himself locked up for five years
5th January 2010: In search of greener pastures, Rashid Ali came to Britain in 2000. Just 21 at that time, he came hidden on a cargo ship from France. But, Ali eventually found himself in the category of a failed asylum seeker and decided to return home in Morocco.
It was only the beginning of troubles for Ali. All Ali wanted was a safe passage home to Morocco. But, he eventually found himself behind locks for five years following six attempts to stow away on ships leaving Britain. Ali is now suing the UK Border Agency.

His extraordinary journey through misery and desperation to return home has brought to fore the plight of the foreigners and the problem areas in the immigration system.

Ali is now seeking six-figure compensation. Now 32 and out on bail from the detention centre, Ali has moved the High Court for compensation.

As of now, he has been a room in a shared house in Ilford, East London. He is also being provided with food vouchers worth £140 a month pending court hearing on the issue of damages.

Estimates suggest his prolonged detention has already cost more than £360,000.

Ali has asserted he is not a murderer; not a rapist or a paedophile. He is simple man wanting to go home. They should not have locked him up. It has cost British taxpayers all this money to keep him locked up because he didn’t want to stay in the country.

The UK Border Agency says Ali could not be deported as he has refused to provide a passport or any identity papers. Ali, on the other hand, says he never had any papers.

Reacting to the situation, Migrationwatch UK chairman Sir Andrew Green said words fail him. Alice in Wonderland describes this case.

Surely the best thing would be to turn a blind eye and just let him go home under his own steam.’

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