Five `suspended’ from Ashford’s Milbank Centre

Action follows allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’

28th October 2009:
Even though Kent County Council has neither denied nor accepted that five staff members have been suspended from Ashford’s Milbank Centre following allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’, reports trickling in suggest their services were placed under suspension after a whistleblower reported the staff cuddled and touched the young immigrants.

The Council runs centre houses housing up to 50 youngsters aged between 16 and 18, who entered the country at the Port of Dover, without parents.

A substantial number of them are from Iraq and Afghanistan; and some of them spend up to three months at Millbank, while their cases are assessed.

The allegations of inappropriate behaviour surfaced after one of the residents at the centre asked someone to translate a text message sent to by a staff member, asking to meet them outside.
KCC refuses to comment, but a spokesperson says it is completely inappropriate for Kent County Council to publicly discuss any unproven allegations. KCC takes seriously its duty towards and operates to promote the best interests of all children and young people in its care.

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