Green: Government working on improving asylum system


"We are also reviewing the decision making process for family cases"


24 January 2011: The Asylum Improvement Project “is exploring new ways to improve the asylum system to speed up the processing of all applications, including family applications” Immigration Minister Damian Green has said.

In a written response to Mr. Nicholas Dakin, MP for Scunthorpe, Mr. Green said the Asylum Improvement Project is also working on “improving the quality of decision making, achieving greater productivity and efficiency in the asylum process and better, more sustainable, decisions.”

Mr. Dakin wanted to know what the Government was doing to ensure that increasing the speed of decision-making on family asylum cases will not affect the fairness and effectiveness of such decisions.

“We are also reviewing the decision making process for family cases as part of the review into ending the detention of children for immigration purposes and we are working with corporate partners to improve the process,” Mr. Green said.


by Stephen Ogongo

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