Hounslow Council spends £15,000 on art project for asylum seekers

People believe the asylum seekers would have preferred the money to be spent on processing their applications

Tags: RACE, Hounslow, Butts Farm

12th August 2009: In a clear-cut case of misplaced priorities, the Hounslow Council spent £15,000 on an art project for asylum seekers, while it is believed they would have preferred the money to be spent on processing their applications.
Available information suggests another £20,000 was spent on expert alcohol counselling for the ethnic minorities. Besides this, the council spent nearly £80,000 on counselling its employees.
As of now the indications are that the grant paid to the Refugee Art and Cultural Enterprise (RACE) group was used to pay for a £70,000 sculpture on the Butts Farm estate.
The purpose of RACE is purported to be advancement of the education of the public in artistic taste and knowledge by providing exhibitions and public performances produced by refugees and asylum seekers.
A substantial number of people describe the sculpture as waste of money; and insist they would prefer facilities like weekly bin collections, rather than seeing the money from their taxes are being spent on art projects for asylum seekers.
They insist the asylum seekers living around would prefer the money to be spent on processing their applications, rather than sculptures.”

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