Hours before `Afghan’ refugee’s deportation, administrative court grants injunction

Last-minute reprieve comes as his lawyers claim Yosefi has denounced Islam
16th March 2011: Hours before a refugee was to be deported from his Sheffield home to Afghanistan, an administrative court granted an injunction to stop his deportation.
The last-minute reprieve came as the lawyers for Reza Yosefi, 20, told a Leeds court he would face risk in case of deportation as he has denounced Islam.

The injunction has been granted till his case continues.

This is the second time Yosefi has managed to stay back. Only in November last, an attempt by the UK Border Agency to deport him was blocked; and is currently being held in a detention centre.

Living in Sheffield for some four years, Yosefi claims as of now he has no ties to Afghanistan, even though his parents were born there.

Yosefi claimed before finding his way to the UK, he grew up in Iran as the son of illegal Afghan refugees.

Yosefi added a seven-month journey at the tender age of 16 brought him as an asylum seeker and was looked after by social services in Sheffield. Once he turned 18, he was refused permission to remain indefinitely.

Yosefi said that his parents do not have Iranian citizenship, as they are considered illegal immigrants in Iran. Though he has been asked to return to Afghanistan, he has no family or friends there.

The UK Border Agency, on the other hand, he was not in need of protection and tried to remove him in November, resulting in an appeal before the European Court of Human Rights.

He was detained again earlier this month, after the appeal was rejected and has applied for a judicial review of the decision.

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