In offing, £6.4 million to co-fund projects for newly-arrived immigrants

Call for proposals for European Integration Fund 2009 open

Proposals targeting Gurkha resettlement `strongly encouraged’

30th March 2010: Approximately £6.4 million is available to co-fund projects aimed at introducing newly arrived third-country nationals to the UK and enabling them to acquire basic knowledge about the UK’s language, history, institutions, socio-economic features, cultural life and fundamental norms and values.

The fund is also available for projects aimed at preparing third-country nationals for their integration into the UK through pre-travel measures which enable them to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for their integration.

The UKBA said proposals which target the Gurkha resettlement scheme were “strongly encouraged”, however, all relevant targeted groups will be considered.

It added for introducing newly arrived third-country nationals to the UK and enabling them to acquire basic knowledge, proposals for achieving the aim “through volunteering activities are particularly encouraged”.

It said: “All proposals and projects should be targeted at newly arrived third country nationals, who have been legally resident in the UK for less than 5 years or third-country nationals who are on the territory of a third country and who have been granted a visa in a category which may lead to settlement in the UK. This is restricted funding which may not be used in respect of programmes involving refugees or asylum seekers or EU

Asserting this, the UKBA said it was pleased to announce that the call for proposals for the European Integration Fund 2009 is now open.

The UKBA said the minimum grant amount that can be applied for per year is £40,000 and projects can last for up to three years. The closing date for completed applications is
1600 on 4 June 2010.

Eligible applicants include NGOs, charities, academic institutions, central and local government, intergovernmental organisations, limited companies and any partnership made up of these organisations.

The UKBA asserted EU has attached a number of criteria to funding, including: the amount applied for must be matched 50:50 with funds from non-EU sources, although a higher proportion up to 75 per cent may be available in specific circumstances.

All successful projects will be monitored, evaluated and audited during their administration.

Proposals will be assessed through demonstration of the criteria, which includes: The project must be relevant to UK and EU identified priorities; the organisation must demonstrate it has the relevant experience and dedicated resources to implement the project and manage the funding.

The proposed project must be cost-effective and provide value for money. The project will be effective in addressing an identified and well researched need.

You can get application form, related documents and guidance from the Home Office Emptoris e-procurement site. To register for Emptoris, you can contact: [email protected]


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