Indian diplomat’s wife seeks asylum

Quotes her son surgery as ground to stay back 24th January 2011: With less than 25 days to go for her imminent departure from the UK, Paromita Verma, wife of Indian diplomat, has sought asylum. She has quoted her five-year-old son’s surgery as a ground to stay back.
Indian Diplomat Anil Verma was accused of wife-beating and the case came to the fore recently. Paromita, wife of Anil Verma, had alleged she had to suffer domestic violence imposed by her husband. The diplomat was recalled back by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs for his alleged behaviour following the allegations.

Paromita has applied to the British Home Office seeking permission to stay in the United Kingdom legally. She has mentioned a recent surgery undergone by their five-year old son, as the reason for her stay in the UK. Her application to the Home office is still pending for approval.

Parotima was earlier served a letter by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office last week. The letter intimated she had 31 days to leave the UK on account of the completion of Anil Verma`s tour of duty.

The Indian government is still investigating the case of alleged wife-bashing by the diplomat. Paromita had allegedly entered into a verbal debate with her husband that had led to the turn of events. They were allegedly having disagreements over a Christmas Tree.

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