Let asylum seekers work: ESW

`They want to support themselves, families, pay taxes and contribute to economy’  Image
9th June 2010: Home secretary Theresa May has been asked to let asylum seekers work. Equality South West’s Deputy Chief Executive Katie Pratt has written to the new home secretary to let asylum seekers work.

Describing asylum seekers as “among the most vulnerable people in the UK”, Pratt has asserted they fled persecution in their own countries looking for a place of safety. While they are in the UK, they want to work to support themselves and their families to pay taxes and to contribute to the economy.

Pratt says in hard times society expects everyone to pull their weight where they can, yet asylum seekers are forced to live on hand-outs or sometimes nothing at all. As such, they should be given chance to work to support themselves.

Reacting to the move to deport unaccompanied child asylum seekers from the UK to Afghanistan, the ESW has also asked the Home Secretary to reconsider the plans.
Pratt says the government has all along being saying everything it does will be governed by fairness, but what’s fair about sending a child to a war zone on their own?”

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