Long-forgotten “legacy” asylum cases not forgotten, after all

Green claims government getting to grips with 500,000 "legacy” cases

28th July 2011: The long-forgotten "legacy cases" are not forgotten, after all.


Immigration Minister Damian Green said the Government was getting to grips with the 500,000 "legacy” immigration cases inherited from Labour.

The assertion is significant as Home Affairs Committee has fiercely criticized the UK Border Agency’s attempts to resolve the backlog of more than 500,000 old asylum cases, some dating back up to 10 years.

In its last report before the general election, the committee asserted the government’s target to clear the historic caseload of asylum applications will not be met. It is, rather, being set back by a further backlog of cases.

The assertion came soon after UK Border Agency announced that its staff was being slashed by as much as 30 per cent, as it “clears the backlog of cases”.

The committee said despite the assurances given by the government in their responses to the original reports, the subsequent evidence they have received reinforces and, in some areas, increases the concerns they felt at the end of last year.

None of these issues would be resolved within the next few months, and all would have a serious impact on thousands of people."

The report follows warning by an independent watchdog that the Home Office’s target of dealing with 90 per cent of the asylum applications within six months was "unachievable".

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