Migrants leaving country by 31st March to receive larger cash relocation grant

Reintegration assistance to be £1000, than normal £500 

3rd February 3010:
Migrants leaving the country under the Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme (VARRP) by 31st March 2010 will receive a larger cash relocation grant.

According to a press release, for anyone who applies, or has already applied for a voluntary return, and departs before 31st March 2010, the amount of “reintegration assistance” available in cash at Heathrow airport will be £1000 rather than the normal £500. 

The release added reintegration assistance is largely given in kind, not cash.  But people who leave the country under the VARRP programme by 31st March 2010 will receive a larger cash relocation grant.

The remainder of their assistance will be disbursed to pay for the reintegration activity agreed, as is normal practice, following discussions between individual returnees and International Organization for Migration (IOM) field officers, to ensure the money is targeted in a way which best contributes to a sustainable return.

Since 2002 under the VARRP, IOM has offered “reintegration assistance to anyone in the asylum system – applied, appealing, refused – who wishes to return to their home country”.

This is in addition to help with obtaining travel documentation, purchasing flight tickets and domestic transportation in this country and the country of return. The “reintegration assistance package” is designed to assist with business set-ups, vocational training and education. The programme is co-funded by the European Union and the UKBA.

IOM is the world’s leading migration agency.  Since its foundation in 1951, it has helped over 13 million migrants, in the belief that migration – if dignified, orderly and voluntary – is of benefit to the individuals concerned and society as a whole.
Since 1999, IOM UK has assisted more than 30,000 people to return to some 140 countries.

IOM UK runs two voluntary return programmes: one is for anyone who has been in the asylum system at any stage – applying, appealing, refused; another for irregular migrants who have overstayed their visas or have been smuggled or trafficked into the country.  Under both programmes, IOM arranges flights and onward transportation to the home doorstep.

IOM UK’s main office is in London with staff which speaks over 30 different languages.  No appointment is necessary to visit the office 10am-1pm and 2pm-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. IOM also has branch offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. All enquiries to IOM are treated confidentially and there is no need for anyone to give their name in order to receive free advice.

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