MPs to quiz UK Border Agency head on asylum seekers’ deporation to Baghdad

The Liberal Democrats too criticize the decision

20th October 2009
: The MPS are expected to quiz the head of the UK Border Agency after around 30 asylum seekers were forcibly deported to Baghdad.

According to available information, the influential Home Affairs Committee will ask chief executive of the UK Border Agency Lin Homer to explain the incident. She is expected to appear before the committee in the next few weeks.

The Labour chairman of the committee Keith Vaz is expected to contact the Home Office to find out what steps were taken to ensure the acceptance of the deportees. He will also seek information on public money spent on the flights and security operation accompanying it.

The Liberal Democrats too have criticized the decision to go ahead with the flight, even though there was an apparent lack of communication with the administration in Baghdad. Chris Huhne, its home affairs spokesman, said it was a disgraceful way to treat people already experiencing enormous hardship and tragedy.


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