New fund to support refugees and asylum seekers launched. Here are details on how to apply

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A £525,000 New Beginnings Fund has been launched by the UK Community Foundations (UKCF), a group of charitable trusts and foundations.

The fund is aimed at supporting community groups in the UK which are welcoming and integrating refugees and asylum seekers into their communities.

mother and babyThe New Beginnings Fund will support local groups working to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into local communities. A key view of this Fund is that early integration helps dispel tensions and prevent misconceptions on both sides.

UK Community Foundations Chief Executive, Fabian French said: “Our network is well placed to ensure the money from the New Beginnings Fund is used to strengthen the capacity of organisations that assist refugees and asylum seekers. These organisations play a vital role in reducing the stress and isolation vulnerable adults and children often experience when they take up new lives in the UK.”

Small to medium size organisations offering guidance, counselling, community integration and welcoming activities to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers can submit their proposals.

For further information on the New Beginnings Fund or to apply for a grant please go to the appropriate community foundations’ website:

Foundation Scotland

Community Foundation in Wales

Community Foundation for Northern Ireland

Community Foundation for Merseyside  

Community Foundation for Lancashire

Heart of England Community Foundation

Kent Community Foundation

London Community Foundation

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