`Not all Zimbabweans need international protection’

Voluntary return packages to help them settle back home

1st February 2010:
The British Government has made it clear that all Zimbabwean claiming asylum in the UK do not need international protection. The government has warned that those not facing risk better return home.

According to a senior official at the British embassy in Harare Keith Scott, the government takes its international obligations on asylum seekers seriously; and they would continue to consider each application for protection on its individual merits.

But at the same time Zimbabweans considered not at risk would be sent back home.
He added the UK has in place an assisted voluntary return package for Zimbabweans willing to go back home.

The package includes £4 000 worth of assistance for vocational training, help in setting up a business and a flight home. It also provides support for the returnees to rebuild Zimbabwe with some capital behind them.

Zimbabwean foreign affairs officials, on the other hand, said there was need to seriously look at the issue as some people were seeking asylum, when all they required was employment.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moses Mzila Ndlovu, urged the three principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) have to look at the issue seriously.
It is up to the three principals in the GPA to sit down and discuss ways on how to bring back Zimbabweans. At the present moment there are some issues that only the three principals can answer, he said.

Ndlovu said they had to establish what persecution people were running away from. If it was economic persecution, the Government has to straighten the issue

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