Number of Afghani kids seeking asylum in UK rises sharply

Children try to slip in by hiding in lorries, boats

Aid agencies called upon European countries to ensure their safety

2nd March 2010
: The number of children from Afghanistan wanting to begin their life again in the UK has registered a sharp increase.

A report by the United Nations suggests their number has risen to six thousand, compared to nearly four thousand a year ago.

A substantial number of these children are encouraged and sent by their parents. In the process, the little ones get separated from their family on the protracted and perilous journey to Europe.

The report suggests with years of war tearing the country apart, Afghanis and their children come to Europe in search of greener pastures.

The kids often hide in lorries and boats to slip into the country; a practice which is not allowed and is also considered dangerous.

Concerned, the aid agencies have called upon the European countries to work together in an attempt to keep the children from Afghanistan safe from harm. They have also called for more research to find more about the increasing number of kids going through the dilemma for a new start.

By Monika

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