Petition calls for protection of rights of asylum seekers in UK

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices discovers instances of violations of European Convention on Human Rights

zimbabwaen_voices1.jpg11th April 2011: 1 Million Zimbabwean Voices has launched an online petition urging the British Government to protect and respect rights of Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices, a Non Profit Organisation in England and Wales, says that it has discovered glaring instances of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in several instances through the asylum process.

Through the petition, the organization is urging the government to enforce measures to protect people whose lives are in danger.

“In addition to this call, we actively encourage the UK Home Office to reconsider its position on the return of Zimbabwean asylum seekers to Zimbabwe based on documented comments made by the Hon Theresa Makone, the Home Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe, who stated at a meeting of MDC Officials in Leeds that ‘I have personally advised my daughter who is resident in Britain not to come home now because the situation is critical. Despite being a minister myself, I have gone into hiding, running away from the very police who report to me. If I am forced to hide away, then what about my daughter?’”

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices tells the British Government that if it is alright for the daughter of a Zimbabwean minister to seek refuge in the UK and be allowed to stay, then the same should be done to the other Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

“The rights of an individual to be given safe refuge from persecution in a country other than that of his birth is established by the Human Right of Asylum as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Furthermore, it is reasonable to expect that due consideration should be given to the effect of the process of asylum, the reasons and circumstances in which asylum has been sought, the psychological effect of this process on the claimant, and the effect on the mental health of the individual while his or her claim is being considered,” the petition says.

Please log on to to read the full petition and sign it.


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