Petition: Why charges against refugee who walked through the Channel Tunnel should be dropped

Abdul Haroun
Abdul Haroun
Mr Abdul Haroun

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is being urged to drop the charges against a refugee who walked through the Channel Tunnel.

Supporters of Abdul Haroun say the prosecution is not in the public interest, adding that proceeding with the trial is an abuse of the law and the legal process.

An online petition has been set up calling on the CPS to drop the case against him, which is due to start on 20th June during Refugee Week.

Mr Haroun is to face trial at a court in Canterbury for allegedly causing obstruction to a railway engine or carriage, which is an offence under the Malicious Damage Act 1861, after he walked through the Channel Tunnel for close to 12 hours, in near total darkness, evading high-speed trains, before being arrested by British police close to the end of the tunnel at Folkestone.

He was awarded refugee status by the Home Office on Christmas Eve.

“Given that there are no safe or legal routes into Britain for people seeking refuge, in prosecuting Abdul Haroun for walking through the tunnel, the CPS is, in effect, prosecuting him for irregular entry. Both international and domestic law say Britain must not prosecute refugees for irregular entry,” says the petition.

You can sign the petition here

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