Protesting deportation, Iranian asylum seeker on hunger strike

Sews mouth with fishing wire 25th April 2011: Protesting deportation, an Iranian asylum seeker has sewn his mouths together with fishing wire. In all four of them are on a hunger strike; and have made it clear they would rather die than go back to Iran and be killed.
In nothing but a desperate attempt to have their asylum claims accepted by the UK government, they have not eaten for 20 days. As of now, they have established a crude camp outside the Lunar House immigration centre in Croydon, south London.

Even as the British government is chalking out plans to send them back to Tehran, the men are claiming their lives would be put to danger in case of deportation. Elaborating on the reasons, they are asserting that they participated in protests against the Iranian regime in 2009. In the process, they were beaten and tortured.

Mahyar Meyari, 17, told The Guardian he was given brutal treatment for taking part in a demonstration. He was blindfolded, taken to an unknown place and kept for a week, was repeatedly hit on the head by batons and even raped.

Keyvan Bahari, 32, insists their protest is the last resort to bring their plight to the notice of the UK authorities.

He added they have sewn their mouths as there was no other way. Nobody in the UK heard them or cared what they said.
Mahyar said when he claimed asylum with the Home Office, they first didn’t believe he was 17 years old and alleged he was lying.

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