Refugee Action welcomes UK Government’s plans to resettle 3000 refugee children

refugee children

Refugee Action has welcomed the UK Government’s plans to resettle up to 3,000 vulnerable children and adults impacted by the conflict in the Middle East.

The UN Refugee Agency will help the UK government in identifying the 3000 children deemed ‘at risk’. This will include “vulnerable children such as child carers and those facing the risk of child labour, child marriage or other forms of neglect, abuse or exploitation”.

In response to the announcement Refugee Action’s Chief Executive, Stephen Hale, said: “This is fantastic news for 3,000 highly vulnerable children and their families, who will now be able to rebuild their lives in safety.

“However, it’s only two cheers for now. Given the scale of the refugee crisis, the government should go further. First, vulnerable children left stranded in Europe also need our support. Second, the government must change the rules that currently prevent refugees in the UK from being reunited with their closest relatives abroad.”

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