Refugee Council calls for a robust system for asylum seekers, refugees

Express alarmed at closure of IAS 14 branches
12th July 2011: Reacting to the closure of the IAS, the Refugee Council has expressed alarm. It has also called for a robust system for ensuring there is enough provision for asylum seekers and refugees.
Commenting on the IAS going into administration, its chief executive Donna Covey said they were alarmed to hear news that the largest charity providing legal advice and representation for asylum seekers has closed its 14 branches.

`We know from our daily contact with asylum seekers how important this support is for them as they make their case for protection.

`After the sad loss of Refugee and Migrant Justice last year, this news from the IAS is hugely significant and very worrying and we are following events closely.

`Our clients already struggle to find good quality legal representation; this development will only add to their difficulties. More than ever, we need a robust system in this country for ensuring that there is enough provision for asylum seekers and refugees’, she has asserted.

`Most vulnerable’, facing deportation, may go unrepresented with IAS’s closure

Customer reception facilities move from Reliance House to Capital Building