Refugee Council criticizes EU’s system for protecting refugees

Refugees in Greece

Refugee Council has criticized the European Union’s system for protecting refugees saying it “simply isn’t working”.

Refugees in Greece“European leaders need to stop trying to pass the buck and acknowledge that everyone has a role to play in sheltering and protecting refugees – the Greeks and the Italians can’t be expected to deliver a continent’s worth of compassion alone,” Refugee Council Head of Advocacy Dr Lisa Doyle said.

The organization blasted the UK government for “lobbying to try to maintain the unfair, obviously unworkable status quo” terming the move “outrageous”.

Such a move, Dr Doyle said, “clearly indicates that it (the UK government) cares little about the lives of the desperate men, women and children arriving on European shores.

“When people are escaping the jaws of death our Government’s first instinct should be to help them; not to think that turning our backs and leaving the job of protecting refugees to others is something that should be celebrated. Britain’s better than that,” Dr Doyle added.

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