Refugee Council: Ensure asylum seekers are treated humanely in EU

Refugee Council has welcomed the European Court of Justice’s ruling that asylum seekers should not be returned to countries where they may face “inhuman or degrading treatment”.


The ruling “means asylum seekers must no longer be returned to countries where their rights risk being violated,” said Donna Covey, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council. “The Dublin regulation means vulnerable people including children who have already fled horrors in their own countries, are then passed like parcels from one country to another, purely for the administrative convenience of those states. It also means that countries like Greece who are already unable to cope with the large numbers of asylum seekers arriving there, are also forced to take responsibility for those returned through the Dublin regulation.”
Refugee Council urged all European countries to share the responsibility of receiving and determining claims of people seeking safety in the continent.
“The focus for the member states must now be on improving asylum systems across Europe to ensure people are treated humanely while seeking safety in any country,” Ms. Covey said.

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