Refugee Week to celebrate contribution of refugees to the UK

Brown: It “is a celebration of the diverse contribution of refugees to our society”
1st June 2009: A UK-wide programme of arts, cultural and educational events is being organised from 15th to 21st June to commemorate the contribution of refugees to the country. Refugee Week also aims at encouraging a better understanding between the communities; and a way of “marking the commitment of the refugees to a shared future together in an enriched United Kingdom”.

It is also looked upon as a “great way to introduce discussions around culture and identity”.

During Refugee Week, events exploring refugee experiences are scheduled to take place across the UK. These range from small community and school activities to art exhibitions, political debates, film screenings, conferences, music festivals and sports events.

You too can get involved in Refugee Week either by organising or visiting an event or by just spreading the word! The main focus of the activities this year is “simple acts campaign”, which is all about inspiring people to use small, everyday actions to change perceptions of refugees.

Nick Clegg MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, says: The positive and varied programme highlights not only the part played by refugees, but also remind us of our proud history of welcoming them and the immense value of tolerance. Indeed, behind all the negative headlines live real people building for themselves new lives, fulfilling their potential, and improving our society for everyone.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown says: “Refugee Week is a celebration of the diverse contribution of refugees to our society, and a week with an important role to play in fostering greater understanding between all of our communities.

“It is also a time when all those who continue to live in fear of persecution are at the forefront of our minds, and I know that Britain will continue to offer a safe haven to people fleeing desperate situations in the years to come.
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