`Removal from UK to continue, where previous attempts have failed’

Policy changes to come into effect on 11 January 2010

16th December 2009:
The UK Border Agency has asserted the process of removal will continue, where previous attempts within the last 10 days have failed due to technical reasons.

The assertion is a part of changes announced by the Border Agency in the way it manages judicial review challenges from those being removed from the UK.

The Agency has asserted that from next month: “We will seek to continue with removal in cases where a previous removal has failed within the last ten days because of a technical reason, such as a cancelled flight or disruptive behaviour.

 “We will not automatically defer removal upon a threat of judicial review in cases certified on safe third country (TCU) grounds or those judged clearly unfounded under the Non Suspensive Appeal (NSA) process. In these cases, we will usually give at least five days’ notice of removal rather than three.

“We will not automatically give 72 hours’ notice of removal to those who are disruptive or pose a threat to others”.

The policy changes will come into effect on 11 January 2010.

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