Scottish Government explains why it is crucial for Syrian refugees to learn English language

school books

school books

The Scottish Government has confirmed that all adult refugees who arrived in Scotland under the Syrian Resettlement Programme are receiving English language training.

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Europe and International Development, said: “English language learning is crucial to ensure successful integration in our communities. It’s also vital when accessing education and employment opportunities. Work to support refugees and asylum seekers to achieve the English language skills they need forms a key part of the New Scots refugee integration strategy.

“Scotland is a caring and compassionate country. We welcome people seeking refuge from war and persecution, and we recognise the importance of supporting them to rebuild their lives and integrate into our diverse communities.”

Around 400 Syrian refugees arrived in Scotland between October and December 2015.

The Scottish Government said work was underway to support the Syrian refugees to achieve the English language skills they need to integrate successfully in Scottish communities.

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