The UK to take 10 migrants for Malta

Decision officially communicated to Maltese government

20th November 2009:  The United Kingdom has decided to take 10 migrants for Malta. The decision has been officially communicated to the Maltese government, and forms a part of the refugees’ resettlement pilot project of the European Union.

The pilot project was launched by the European Council to allow relocation of persons recognised as refugees.

Available information suggests the UK’s partaking in the venture is part of a complete support parcel of assistance to Malta. It includes programmes aimed at addressing the issue of illegal immigrants’ flow to the central Mediterranean in the long term. Under it is also included assistance in returning failed asylum seekers and procuring documents requisite for such returns.

Expressing satisfaction over the UK’s decision to join other countries like France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia in assisting Malta, Justice and Home Affairs Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici said the country has all along been asserting it should not be left to face the pressures of illegal immigration from Africa alone, as this was a European problem.

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