The way asylum seekers book appointments all set to change

They will be called for info in advance; and provided with interpreter
18th July 2011: The way the asylum seekers book their appointments at the asylum screening unit is all set to change.
You will be called for information in advance; and if need be, provided with an interpreter.

The UKBA said: `The asylum screening unit (ASU) is piloting a new way to book appointments.

`The ASU will collect more information from asylum seekers in advance of their screening appointment. This will enable the team to complete some administrative duties before applicants attends an appointment. This will reduce the time screening interviews take at the ASU and will better meet the needs of asylum seekers.

`We will provide an interpreter, and we will carry the cost of the call.

`Legal representatives calling on behalf of their client should only call when their client is with them as they will be required to answer questions’.

For making appointments, you can call up at 020 8196 4524.

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