UK committed to explore new ways to speed up asylum process: Home Office

UKBA reiterates commitment to end detention of children 16th September 2010: Responding to the charity Refugee Action’s recent postcard campaign on asylum seekers, the UK Border Agency has asserted the government is committed to exploring new ways to speed up the asylum process for promoting swifter refugee integration. The UKBA also reiterated its commitment to end the detention of children.
It has asserted: ‘We would like to thank all those who recently sent postcards to Damian Green regarding asylum seekers in the UK.

‘The government is committed to providing a safe haven for genuine refugees, and in its Coalition programme has committed to exploring new ways to speed up the asylum process in order to promote swifter refugee integration and, where asylum is refused, to assist in ensuring the return and reintegration of failed asylum seekers is as smooth and efficient as possible. As part of this work, the UK Border Agency will of course continue to work with organisations such as Refugee Action and others.

‘The postcard campaign mentioned the Coalition government’s commitment to stop the deportation of asylum seekers who have had to leave particular countries because their sexual orientation or gender identification put them at proven risk of imprisonment, torture or execution. We do not consider it acceptable to send people to their countries of origin where they would have to hide their sexuality to avoid persecution. This position was reflected in the Supreme Court’s judgment of 7 July, which found that, in cases where we believe that a person will avoid persecution by behaving discreetly, we need to consider why he or she would do that. If the person’s behaviour would be motivated by a real fear of persecution if they lived openly, then, depending on the other aspects of the person’s claim, he or she may be entitled to refugee status.

‘The Coalition government has announced its commitment to end the detention of children. To this end, a review is currently under way with the aim of delivering on this commitment in a way that protects the welfare of children and ensures the removal of those with no right to be here. The review has been consulting a range of experts and organisations with the intention of setting out a way forward in the coming months.’

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