UKBA probes mocking snaps on Facebook of detainees by Mubenga case guards

The photos attracted vile and racist comments from his friends, some Home Office-accredited guards

23rd June 2011: A guard facing probe for alleged manslaughter of Angolan detainee Jimmy Mubenga has used his Facebook page for floating a disdainful snap of two other men, apparently detainees, on board an aircraft.


 Terence Hughes, from Portsmouth, was arrested over Mubenga’s death last year. He is currently on bail and has allegedly floated the snapshot of two south Asian men on the social networking site, as per the Guardian.

The snapshot has received racist and offensive comments. The Guardian believes some of the posters are other guards accredited by the Home Office to escort detainees.

The comments are aimed at the men’s outlook. The comments even carry suggestions such as the men should be on the "London to Bradford Express"

Expressing his "deep concern", acting chief executive of UK Border Agency Jonathan Sedgwick  said the Home Office had requested an immediate probe.

Sedgwick said none of the staff involved will work for the UK Border Agency while these claims are investigated. The prisons and probation ombudsman will begin an investigation into these allegations, at our request.

An Angolan refugee, Mubenga was in the custody of guards for a private security company, after his appeal to remain in the European country was rejected.

Mubenga reportedly died 50 minutes after boarding a British Airways flight at Heathrow airport in London on 13 October 2010. He was reportedly surrounded by three guards working for G4S, a private security company, when he died.


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