VIDEO: Refugees in Calais tell David Cameron why they’re not just ‘A Bunch Of Migrants’

Not Just A Bunch Of Migrants

Not Just A Bunch Of Migrants

Refugees living in a dehumanizing refugee camp in Calais in France have been featured in a video in response to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘bunch of migrants’ comments.

Mr Cameron was recently condemned for dismissively describing refugees fleeing war in a camp in Calais as a “bunch of migrants”.

The new video has been produced by Help Refugees, a new organization supporting refugees in Calais. In the video refugees explain to Mr Cameron why they’re not just a bunch of migrants.

Help Refugees asked some of the refugees in Calais what they did for a living before they became a refugee.

“We wanted to re-humanise the wonderful people that we meet and work with on a daily basis so we asked them to share their professions with us. The results were diverse – everything form pro-footballer to nurse to animator,” says Help Refugees.

Help Refugees co-founder Lliana Bird told the Huffington Post: We wanted to highlight that many of the refugees living in Calais are in fact skilled and talented professionals with much to offer society.

“In a random group of around 40 refugees we found they had left behind careers as diverse as pro-footballers, clinical nurses and animators, so just think what a pool of untapped talent may be lying amongst the 6000 residents.

“Let’s make sure we aren’t missing out on the next Mo Farah by de-humanising them all as a ‘bunch of migrants’.”

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